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Business Continuity Software

A digital solution for your Business Continuity Programme.

Simple to use, streamlined, real time monitoring and efficient.

Our Business Continuity software streamlines the creation and management of continuity plans. It facilitates effective communication during a crisis, centralises critical information and enhances organisational resilience.

Using BCM Toolkit, we have been able to shrink the average programme implementation timeline by as much as 60%.

BCM Toolkit Offers:

  • This powerful software solution is offered to clients as a “Software as a Service” or SAAS Solution.
  • The platform follows the BCI’s Good Practice Guidelines of 2018, ISO22301 on implementation standards.
  • For clients that are looking for a” do it yourself” solution, we offer access to the same platform that our advisors use.
  • Capture the organisation’s disruption tolerances as an objective benchmark that will be used to determine which resources must recover b when.
  • Highlights gaps (colour coded) in current recovery capability across all 6 pillars to support operational resilience improvements
  • Get a consolidated list of all IT Services required over time and includes a full IT Disaster Recovery module.
  • Easily determine the recovery priority of business units, functions and IT Services.
  • Easily allocate appropriate solutions to close each recovery gap.
  • Generate products/service business impact analysis and business continuity plans and reports with your own branding.
  • Send bulk 2-way communication via SMS or email to all business units in a location or just a specific business or group of people.
  • Receive replies on SMSs (useful during an evacuation and roll call).
  • Log incident reports by business unit.
  • Manage the recovery of business units and resources on the easy-to-use mobile app.
  • Easily perform review cycles to ensure the data is always current.

BCM Toolkit Outcomes:

  • Digitally sign off the BCP online and track for audit purposes
  • Group BCM Manager role becomes about oversight and guidance and responsibility is pushed to the plan owners for updating and maintaining the data.
  • Segregation of information, users cannot see each other’s data (unless specified).
  • Crisis management module covering teams, plans, response actions, crisis diary and crisis communications.
  • API friendly to ingest data from clients Active Directory or Human Resource databases.
  • Testing module that allows multiple test types from quizzes through to simulation and full integrations tests.
  • Vendor resilience module to track and engage with vendors on their Business Continuity capability and to risk rate them.

BCM Toolkit
Product FAQs

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Business Continuity software streamlines the creation, management and execution of plans to ensure an organisations operations continue during disruptions.

Investing in business continuity software yields significant ROI by minimising downtime, preventing revenue loss and protecting your brand reputation during disruptions.

Automated processes significantly reduce manual effort associated with traditional business continuity programme implementations.


Every organisation possesses unique needs and requirements. Please contact to chat with our sales team who will tailor a solution to suit your requirements and budget.

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