Morgan Solus

Case Study: Cyber Simulation Exercise

Client Background:

Brief:Our client had previously completed a cyber simulation exercise with their crisis management team and for the new year they requested a physical onsite incident

Industry:Investment Management Services

Organisation Size: Large scale enterprise

Project Duration:4-hour simulation exercise

Simulation Objectives

Key objectives of the Crisis Simulation included testing the effectiveness of the Crisis Management Team’s responses during a crisis, identifying any gaps or weaknesses in existing plans, and evaluating the efficiency of communication flow and mechanisms. The simulation involved realistic scenarios tailored to the client’s industry and specific challenges, allowing for thorough evaluation and actionable insights to enhance crisis preparedness.

The Challenge

For the simulation, a realistic scenario was identified in conjunction with the client Risk Management team. This involved a disgruntled staff member taking a team hostage and the scenario played out from there. The purpose of the scenario was to check the participant responses, critical thinking and adherence to processes as if the incident was happening in real time.

Our Solution/Approach:

These interactive simulations, lasting 3 to 4 hours, demand both team collaboration and intense focus from all participants. Following each session, a team debrief assesses successes, team strengths, identified gaps, and necessary remedial actions. Through continuous role-play, participants develop “muscle memory,” enhancing readiness, confidence, and support capabilities for real disasters.