Morgan Solus

Case Study: Mitigating the Impact of Supply Chain Distributions

Client Background:

Brief: Mitigating disruptions with the implementation of a holistic Business Continuity Programme for the organisation.

Industry: Pharmaceuticals

Organisation Size: Large – International (Australia)

Project Duration: 5 months

Project Objectives

To implement Business Continuity Management Programme for a group manufacturing site in Australia.

The Challenge

In the pharmaceutical industry, maintaining uninterrupted operations is vital for supply chain manufacturing. A comprehensive Business Continuity Programme is essential to ensure continued operation in the event of a supply chain disaster, which could result in financial and reputational repercussions. Moreover, such disruptions could potentially have severe implications for human health and well-being.

Our Solution/Approach:

The Business Continuity Management project encompassed several crucial phases to ensure comprehensive preparedness for potential disruptions. It commenced with a Strategic Business Impact Analysis session, engaging executives to determine recovery expectations for key products and services. Subsequently, Tactical and Operational BIAs were conducted through workshops with business unit management teams and Business Plan Owners, facilitating detailed information gathering across six pillars using the GPG 2019 approach. Utilising insights from the BIAs, Business Continuity Plans were formulated, outlining key steps for recovery.

A Desktop Walkthrough session was then conducted with plan owners and deputies to familiarise them with BCP utilisation. Additionally, a Crisis Management Plan was developed, delineating response structures, roles, responsibilities, crisis processes, and contact details, which was shared and discussed with crisis team members. Finally, a Crisis Simulation exercise engaged the crisis team in rehearsing their roles and response actions, ensuring readiness for real-world scenarios.

The project’s results have resulted in the successful implementation and appreciation of the significance of maintaining a robust Business Continuity Programme within the company. This program is endorsed by the executive and management teams and undergoes annual updates to ensure ongoing support throughout the organization.