Morgan Solus

Case Study: The implementation of a company wide Business Continuity Programme

Client Background:

Brief:The implementation of a company-wide Business Continuity, Crisis Management and IT Disaster Recovery Programme.

Industry: Internet Services Provider (CE3.0 Infrastructure Company)/ Telecommunications

Organisation Size: Large-scale enterprise

Project Duration:12 months

Project Objectives

This organisation operates as a carrier-class Ethernet (CE 3.0) infrastructure company, delivering meticulously managed fibre optic broadband connectivity across South Africa. Identifying a crucial deficiency in their Business Continuity strategy, particularly outdated plans, spurred the commencement of a comprehensive BCM, Crisis Management and IT Disaster Recovery Programme.

The Challenge

This company is currently experiencing rapid organic growth as well as expanding market share through innovation and strategic acquisitions. Historically, they managed Business Continuity using disjointed processes, storing BIA data and plans in spreadsheets and word documents. However, due to their swift expansion, these methods quickly became outdated and ineffective. The previous BCM implementation resulted in limited visibility and outdated plans, leaving the company vulnerable to operational risks in case of disruptions. Business continuity objectives were unclear, and RTOs and RPOs were determined solely based on ICT capabilities, representing a bottom-up approach.

Furthermore, the company lacked a comprehensive view of their resilience posture, leading to difficulties in providing actionable insights when required.

Our Solution/Approach:

By applying the principles of the GPG 2019 approach, Morgan Solus effectively established a resilient Business Continuity Programme within a span of 12 months. This endeavour empowered the company to pre-emptively identify potential threats and vulnerabilities, ensuring preparedness to tackle crises that could disrupt daily operations and potentially impact revenue and reputation. Additionally, Morgan Solus revamped the company’s business continuity management program by establishing a comprehensive centralized repository on its BCM Toolkit software platform. This initiative aimed to facilitate effective management of business continuity plans, crisis management plans, notifications, third-party risk management initiatives and IT DR plans. Additionally, the Morgan Solus solution empowers the company to pinpoint areas of high, medium, and low risk, as well as single points of failure, thereby enhancing the company’s overall resilience posture.