Morgan Solus

Case Study: Business Continuity Plans for an SME business

Client Background:

Brief: The implementation of Business Continuity Plans for the organisation (Lite Version)

Industry: Logistics

Organisation Size: Small – Medium – Enterprise

Project Duration: 2 months

Project Objectives

To implement Business Continuity Plans for an SME business and create an awareness campaign for staff.

The Challenge

We were approached by a specialist SME logistics company that provides services to a number of Banks to assist with implementing a fit-for-purpose Business Continuity Plan. Their operations consist of a warehouse and numerous transportation vehicles and support staff. The idea was to craft a BCP that would be concise to use but holistic enough to provide as evidence to their Banking clients.

Our Solution/Approach:

During discussions with managers and executives, we crafted a straightforward Business Impact Analysis (BIA) to capture critical facets of their business operations. Where deficiencies or areas for improvement arose, we deliberated on suitable solutions or follow-up actions. A major challenge identified was the heavy reliance on third parties that supported them, and the necessity of established Service Level Agreements with these suppliers, along with ensuring the third party had themselves implemented adequate Business Continuity Solutions.
The output was a “BCP Lite” that was a concise and practical document offering guidance on the recovery of vital business elements, specifying timelines, and required skill sets. Additionally, we produced awareness pamphlets and posters explaining Business Continuity with emphasis on the team’s pivotal role in any disaster response.